Why Bee Propolis is the Next Big Thing

We already know how important the honey bee is. Pollinating up to 300 million flowers a day, these wonderful winged creatures are responsible for looking after almost all the plants and crops we eat. All our favourite fruits, nuts and veg – if they’re on your plate, you can probably thank a bee for that.

Though there’s another reason to appreciate our six-legged friends: bee propolis. Often called ‘bee glue,’ this little-known substance is produced by the resourceful bee as he harvests his honey. But how can we make use of this intriguing ingredient? We investigate the bee propolis benefits to find out what this miracle product can really do.

Bee propolis and honey

9 Bee Propolis Benefits 

1) Builds Bee Foundations

A swarm of bees constructing their hive is not too dissimilar to a bricklayer building a house. Think of propolis as the cement that fixes each wall of honeycomb to the next, creating a secure structure for the intelligent bee to store his honey and pollen. Just as a builder uses cement to ‘fill in the gaps,’ bees use propolis to strengthen their hive and keep it glued together. It also helps to keep cold winds out and stop intrusive predators from coming in.

But the bee propolis benefits go beyond our favourite honey-loving insects. It’s packed full of perks for us, too. So while we’re grateful for all the hard work these pollinators do for the environment, we’re happy to reap the propolis benefits as well.
2) Nourishing Hair Formula

Consider this: if bee propolis is the glue that holds the hive together, how can it work for us? But this resinous material has an ultra-nourishing formula that works as an organic conditioner for the hair. Naturally moisturising and rich in nutrients, it’s no wonder we decided to use bee propolis in our Original Pomade. It’s ideal for styling the hair without drying or damaging the scalp, so your hair remains soft and smooth all day long.

3) Natural Medicine

One of the main bee propolis benefits is that it’s often used as a natural medicine. Propolis is thought to fight off and remedy a number of health conditions while promoting all-round general wellbeing. From common ailments like cold sores, allergies and food poisoning, bee propolis is also believed to be valuable in the treatment of serious conditions like high blood pressure and bone disease. There are even several studies to suggest bee propolis possesses anti-tumour properties, which could have an effect on cancer cells.

4) Ever-Changing Composition

Bees collect resin from a variety of sources – from thousands of different species of tree buds, flower buds, sap flows and tree bark, each with varying properties. Depending on the location of the hive, the composition of bee propolis can change – offering a multitude of different benefits across the globe. Even the time of year could affect its composition. So, whether the propolis was found in sunny Portugal, the tropics of Brazil or perhaps from a local beekeeper in the South of England, it may have its own unique use. And with that many health benefits, it’s no surprise that bee propolis has value all over the world.

Bee propolis

5) Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Viral

Studies suggest that bee propolis benefits have a pharmacological side too – one that you might be very interested in if you suffer from a dry, itchy scalp. Lots of other hair styling products can leave your scalp feeling irritated, as they use harmful chemicals which aren’t kind to skin. But propolis is perfect for soothing the scalp and clearing up any nasties. That’s why we use this miracle ingredient in our protective, nourishing Original Pomade and throughout our range of styling, skin care, beard and shave products.

6) Gives Wood a Super Shine

You probably don’t have any spare violins lying around, and it’s even less likely you own one from Stradivari – but if you do, you’re in luck. If you haven’t heard of this Italian luthier, he was recognised for crafting some of the best string instruments from the 18th century. But how have they lasted so long? Stradivari was thought to have used bee propolis to varnish his instruments, providing rich colour and a flawless finish. Today, bee propolis can be used to give wood the same super shine achieved by Stradivari.

7) Rejuvenates the Skin

Propolis has been used for millennia for its health benefits – all the way back to ancient Egypt. It’s thought that Cleopatra herself used propolis as part of her beauty regime, but what it is about this product that makes it fit for a queen? Because of its anti-ageing, acne-fighting and eczema-soothing properties, bee propolis is perfect for rejuvenating the skin. Hence it’s inclusion in our Revitalising Moisturiser, Face Wash, Exfoliating Cleanser and Shave Cream.

8) Prevents Hair Loss

Another one of the bee propolis benefits promoted by our Original Pomade and Forming Cream is hair loss prevention. Research has suggested propolis combats hair loss and could even reverse balding.

One of the causes of hair loss is inflammation, which can be triggered by a range of common conditions. So how can propolis help? Studies indicate this wonder ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that promote good scalp health. What’s more, propolis could also increase the cells which encourage natural hair growth – that sounds like a winner to us.

9) Boosts Immune System

Bursting with antioxidants, bee propolis is great for giving your immune system a boost. With its anti-bacterial properties, propolis is thought to defend your body against illness and disease. It also can help regulate the immune system, improve overall health and keep the body running smoothly.

We ensure any bee propolis products used in our formulations are harvested ethically without causing harm or distress to bees.

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