The Daimon Barber Guide to Hair Clay

Hair clay is one of the latest and most innovative styling products to join the men’s grooming market. After the recent revival of traditional ‘barber shop’ fashion, we saw a shift in men’s hair styles that shaped a combination of retro and the new. But what happens when we want to take this trend up a notch? That’s where hair clay for men comes in.

Hair clay goes beyond all the latest looks – it’s ideal when you need a styling product to keep up with you. But what exactly is it, and how to do you use it? We’ve put together a complete guide to hair clay to show you how to freshen up your grooming routine and make mornings simple.

Daimon Barber Texture Clay


What is Hair Clay for Men? 

Hair clay is exactly what it says on the jar – it actually includes clay as one of its key elements. Most hair styling formulas use bentonite clay, a natural ingredient formed from volcanic ash. Bentonite swells when it comes into contact with water, so works as a sealant that creates a barrier against liquids. It is these self-sealant properties which makes bentonite clay ideal for moisturising the hair and scalp, while offering an enduring, long-lasting hold for a variety of hair types. When you need your everyday look to last all day long, clay offers the essential strength and support to keep your hair firmly in place.

Who should use hair clay? This product is designed specifically for two types of look: longer hair styles that require extra volume, and shorter styles that strive for that deliberately untamed, textured appearance. Hair clay for men is efficient and effective for many distinctive styles, but it truly takes the prize when it comes to texturising and tousling the hair.

So, how is hair clay different to other popular grooming products? This modern miracle is unique, as it delivers a natural, matte finish for an understated, simple style – ideal for casual and everyday wear. If you prefer to avoid sleek, shiny hair styles, clay is the best choice.

But don’t think its matte effect will cause your hair to dry out. If you remember how we talked about bentonite, a natural ingredient that’s essential in most common hair clays, you’ll know of its self-sealing properties. This means clay is actually very nourishing, as it moisturises and detangles the hair with each application. And at the end of the day, this product just washes out, still leaving hair feeling healthy and conditioned. 

How to Use Hair Clay? 

Using hair clay is very simple. There’s just a few steps to achieving a laidback look that’s full of volume and texture.

  1. Wash hair as normal in the shower, then towel dry. Hair clay delivers the best results when hair is slightly damp.
  2. Take a pea-sized amount of hair clay and rub your hands together, spreading it across each palm. You only need a small amount. Make sure the clay is completely smooth on your hands, as any lumps will stick to the hair.
  3. Evenly apply the clay by running your hands through the hair, twisting it in to achieve your desired style. You can also blow dry or comb the clay in, depending on the look you’re after.
  4. If you have longer hair, require more volume or a stronger hold, layer hair clay in small amounts. A little goes a long way, so be careful of weighing down hair with too much clay.
  5. Wash off the remaining product, then you’re ready to go! And when you’re finished for the day, hair clay can be easily rinsed out with warm water, leaving no sticky residue – only nourished and healthy-looking hair.

For even more volume, complete with your grooming routine with our Texture Tonic. This volumising sea salt spray helps to protect and thicken the hair, giving an additional boost when blow drying. Combined with a high-quality hair clay, you can easily achieve a fuller, textured look. 

Daimon Barber Texture Clay

How to Find the Best Hair Clay? 

Some fundamental things to remember when finding the best hair clay: you’re looking for the ultimate hold with a matte finish, plus a formula that won’t dry out your hair.

We already know that a bentonite clay is perfect for supporting your style while conditioning the hair. But when you require that extra-strong hold, look for a hair clay which contains another important ingredient: beeswax. Beeswax is packed with benefits to naturally soften and strengthen the hair. As a result, the combination of wax and clay gives an immaculate matte look without drying hair out. So, when you want the best hair clay, look for a bentonite and beeswax mix to keep flyaways under control and maintain all-day style.

The best hair clay will also avoid using harsh chemicals and parabens, which can be harmful to the hair and scalp, robbing you of essential moisture that keeps hair looking healthy.

In addition, if you are wearing hair clay every day, it’s best to find one with a really good smell. After all, a fresh scent can be a pleasant little pick-me-up in the early mornings! We love the unique and subtle sophistication of fig and frankincense in our premium Texture Clay, which offers a rich and warm aroma that makes hair smell great.


For an ultra-strong hold, a fantastic scent and a fully texturised look, choose the Texture Clay from Daimon Barber. Made with ethically-sourced ingredients found in the UK, we think our hair clay for men is a winner when it comes to quality and style.


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