Our Story

The world of grooming can be difficult to navigate, but at Daimon Barber, our Mission is to simplify – and elevate. We have created a unique range of essential products which piece together effortlessly in a regime. Using only the finest natural ingredients, our science-led products are innovative and sustainable, packed with plant-based oils and vitamins to enrich your skin and hair.

Our Mission

At the heart of our Mission are bespoke formulations and sustainability. We not only want to positively impact your life, but we want to positively impact the environment too. That's why we pride ourselves on using ingredients of quality, with trusted suppliers all of which are mainly based in the UK. Boasting plant-based products and ground-breaking unique formulations that support and encourage self-expression, Daimon Barber is the brand to use when considering effective and bespoke products.


Daimon Barber - A fusion of science and nature
Our commitment goes beyond grooming; it's a harmonious blend of science and nature. Our range includes peerless Hair Styling, shaving, beard care, and Skin Care. We integrate cutting-edge science with nature, resulting in a powerful product mix. Our goal is to provide you with a simple, highly effective, and innovative daily routine. Whether it's achieving the perfect hairstyle, mastering a clean shave, maintaining a well-groomed beard, or caring for your skin, our products are designed to elevate your grooming experience.

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