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Based on 346 reviews
Great stuff

This is great at keeping my fine hair looking thick and in good shape. It has a nice balance of clay and oil but it can be a little drying when initially applied. However, this product is worthy of 5 stars as finding ‘perfection’ when you have difficultly hair is almost unattainable. So thank you Mr Barber

Forming Cream


Bad Sprayer

Product itself is probably one of the best texture sprays I have used. The bottle, or more specifically the sprayer, is garbage. Went through half the bottle before the sprayer crapped out on me.

Remedy wax is the remedy for curly hair

This stuff is superb , I have curly hair that goes frizzy , mousse doesn't work , other pomades are too strong and light hold wax doesn't work either, put a bit of remedy wax on semi towel dried hair and in about an hour the curls will be just how you want them.....


The smell is great it goes in easy and holds well especially with a bit of salt spray underneath. Second lot I have bought 👍🏻

Best clay I’ve ever used

Definitely stacks up to the great reviews I’ve read. I’ve tried loads of clays between £15-£25 price mark and this is my favourite. Goes onto hair well, feels good, good finish. Pleasant smell. Washes out easily. Well priced. Stylish packaging. Highly recommend this product.

I did not receive The products yet

Shave Cream

Good Smell, Great Control, Nourishing the Scalp

Well, that already says it all. After having tried out a few brands, this is the only product I stick to. Also, the last iteration was a big step forward in nearly every sense from the previous pomade (no.2).
Why haven't I given 5 stars? Two reasons: Over the duration of half a day, some oils will sort of separate from the pomade and really grease my whole scalp and forehead. They become very shiny and it is just too much. While I have absolutely no negative skin health effects from that (all other pomades ever gave me some), whcih proves that the ingreadients are great, it is a bit of a downer on the optics side. The second reason is that while the smell is good, it is not the same as the great, great, great smell from the previous no.2 pomade. Back then, when I used it, people complimented me on that smell every day. It was insane. Now, people just say on few occasions that it smells good. And that is true. But a step backwards in that regard.

Anyway, great product! I sincerely hope you guys will sell it again, soon!! Maybe with the old smell (but less intense)? Currently, I have to rely on buying all left over stock in Germany, with expiry dates coming close very fast (Oct 2019).

Thank you so much for your thoughts on our product, we are currently making a new batch of it so please watch this space as within the next few weeks it will be back in stock. Unfortunately our lovely artisan supplier of our jars had a fire which resulted in a long delay but we are working closely to getting it back in stock. Thank you
Hello there

Product is good when paired with a pre-styler of sorts. On its own it holds up, but gives less texture and hold.

Thank you for the positive feedback we really love it!
Best shaving cream ever

Smooth cream that doesn’t require much to get a good lather, therefore the tube lasts a long time.

Thats great news and thank you for the review!
Precision Razor

Razor and blades are far better than I expected and are a pleasure to shave with. I find I get a fantastic close shave without any kind of effort and zero cuts and nicks. Will continue to use in the future

We will make sure to get these on order and glad you liked the results they gave.
Great Products and Service

Fast shipment to Germany and great quality products as usual! I have ordered various Daimon Barber products and I am still berry happy

Such a positive review, thank you
Top quality

This cream is very light ,non sticky ,great for short natural styles like mine. Easily washed out and keep hair healthy when in. Highly recommended and top quality from Daimon barber as usual.

Thank you and we are pleased the product performs well for you!
Very Satisfied

Overall I am very satisfied with the product. Easy to apply and wash out. However, one thing slightly denied me from 5 star rating which is that I felt my hair a bit crispy after it dried out. It might be that my hair is naturally dry. Nevertheless a good amount of hold. Looking for a good pomade which has a good and pliable hold. Suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Thank you for your feedback and everyones hair has a different finish and texture but we have taken on board your thoughts and always absorb them in a positive way!

I like the products.

We are glad you like the products we are so pleased to read you have bought the moisturiser.

Forming Cream

Thanks for the 5 stars!

Forming Cream

Brilliant you have given us 5 stars thank you
Highly recommended

I have been using Remedy Wax for a few months now and can honestly say that I am really liking this product. Gives my hair (short length) a lovely semi shiny textured finished whilst leaving it quite soft. Make sure to fully break down the wax before applying as it will leave little lumps in your hair. A little goes a long way I noticed too. Scent is fresh and the bergamot comes through. I Also use it on my facial growth and it feels nice. Another great product from DB. Thanks!

Too Much Packaging

Bought the 5 sample pack, products aren't too bad. Not anywhere near as good as the reviews imply but the killer was the packaging. The actual items are quiet small but there was enough packaging to land a crashing plane. Total waste!

Oh no! We are so sorry you feel like that about our product World Traveller is supposed to give you a flavour of our Hair Styling Range just designed as a gift or try me product. We try and resource responsibly for our packaging and the World Traveller comes in a paper box and is designed as a gift. Please accept our apologies for your thoughts and we will have a look at the packaging to see if we can reduce but still give a quality.
Great results easy to use

Really amazing product the best all round oil based for me, so easy to use. Great all day hold and that wonderful Daimon Barber smell, you guys should really do a cologne!

Adam thank you for such a positive review we really appreciate your feedback and value all thoughts especially as you are an avid Daimon Barber user. We hope to launch new products that are under development and we are going to bring back some of the archive recipes so keep watching! Thank you.
Best hair aroma ever

As well as being a nice tonic for my hair after gym and swimming, the aroma from the tonic is superb - not too floral and not too leathery either. My barber first recommended this and now I buy it online myself. My hair is fine and the tonic gives it more body and makes it easier to control

It's so great to know it was recommended by your Barber and even better that you are continuing to use it and buy it. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a great review.
Texture Miracle

I have now used this product daily for the past couple of months and have to admit is the best tonic ever! I get strong texture and it also makes my hair much easier to manage. The smell is phenomenal and I will be looking to stock up on Daimon Barber products in the next few weeks to come. Highly recommend to anyone with thick hair.

WOW thank you! we put lots of time, effort and energy into all of our products and really appreciate all the feedback we are so glad you love it. Thank you!
Amazing water-based clay

Easy application, feels incredibly light in the hair for the high hold it provides, washes out easily, has an unique and subtle yet amazing scent and the presentation is great too.

So pleased and grateful for the positive review. Thank you
Deliciousness and elegant style in a glass jar

Oh lordy lord, this smells so fuckin' delicious, that I want to eat the whole jar. Why waste it on my hair?

Very lovely stuff and good hold. I love the lasting character of the product. Slightly difficult to wash off, which - I assume - is natural for vaseline/oil based products.

Thank you so much for the enthusiastic review we are so pleased you like it! Yes the hold and nature of the product does mean washing well, do a double shampoo and it will lift perfectly.