Product Spotlight - Softening Beard and Stubble Serum

Product Spotlight

It’s all very well us having released a bunch of great products, but the whole point of Daimon Barber is that we have gone out of our way to create products that are different to those already available on the market. It’s difficult to get across the great things about each product within 30 words on the side of a box, so we felt we needed to do a detailed examination of each product to highlight the uses, benefits and facts about what’s inside the beautiful packaging.

As a man who uses this stuff every day, I know how effective these products are and what a difference they’ve made to my hair, skin and beard. So once a month, I’ll be shining a light on a different Daimon Barber product and getting down to the bare bones of each formulation.

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To kick off, I’m going to be looking at Softening Beard and Stubble Serum.


Application and Uses:

  1. The intended use for this product is to nourish and moisturize the course hair found on many-a-man’s face. This is not a beard oil, this is a serum packed full of nutrients and conditioning ingredients to really penetrate the hairs and take away the spikiness that is the woe of so many better halfs. If like me, you have horse hair growing from your chin, like kinky black (mostly grey) needles, then this stuff is for you. It’s great to take the edge of the scratchiest short stubble, will help prevent the “itch phase” of beard growth and will really condition and relax the most ferocious of beards. 
  1. I’ve found that is best applied to a slightly damp beard, after showering or washing your face. I have about 2 inches of beard and I find that 4 doses from the pump is enough to give good coverage. So, a ratio of 2 doses per inch of beard seems to work well. 1 dose is perfect for stubble. The technique I find works best is to rub the palms together and then rub into the beard with your fingers separated so that you get the product right down to the root of each hair.
  1. Once it’s been worked in well, brush down any errant hairs and get rid of any knots.
  1. Allow to soak in for a couple of minutes before styling (using any of the Daimon Barber hair styling products…yes they work for beards and moustaches beautifully….but that’s another post!), if that’s your thing. I leave mine natural.
  1. So that’s the beard done. Put the Beard and Stubble Serum back on the shelf….Nooooooo! Our friends at AONO barbershop have been using this as a hair styling product! They’ve found that applying it to the hair before blow drying protects the hair from the heat and prepares the hair really well for styling. I’ve been using it like this and it works really well! Just a couple of pumps seems to be enough and really gives my hair a nice natural shine and malleability.
  1. AONO have also been using a small amount as a finishing cream, for a really high shine. Again, I tried this and although I don’t go for a shine finish myself, it does work brilliantly. Once styled with Daimon Barber Clay Pomade, Dom at Aono, smoothed over a small amount of Softening Beard and Stubble Serum and to add a light and natural shine. 

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  1. Softening Beard and Stubble Serum is, in essence, a beard conditioner. It’s a leave in conditioner for the beard and stubble that is packed full of Avocado Oil and Kahai Nut Oil. Kahai Nut Oil has 50% more vitamin E than Argan Oil…..50%!!!! It is known as the    “natural anti-ageing” oil and includes vitamin F and Retinol. Avocado Oil has loads of vitamin E too along with Vitamin A, B and D. So you’re almost getting the entire alphabet here. When you apply vitamin E to your beard or stubble, it helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and healthy follicles encourage hair growth and reduce ingrown hairs. Vitamin E also reverses the damage done by harmful UV rays, which affect facial hair as well as the skin. It also helps to even out skin tone and pigmentation, which is why it’s important to make sure you apply this properly and get the product absorbed into your skin as well as your facial hair. These two oils combine to give you complete nourishment and protection for your beard and stubble. After just a week of using this product I noticed that my beard was strong and healthy, with no brittle hairs or split ends, which used to be a real problem for me.

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  1. It’s enriched with hydrolized silk protein. You may have seen adverts for shampoos and conditioners that are enriched with hydrolized silk, well we’ve decided to use this luxurious ingredient in our Softening Beard and Stubble Serum. As far as I’m aware there is no other beard product on the market that includes this ingredient which is one of the things that sets this product apart…and it makes my beard strong and lustrous like the mane of a very healthy grey Lion. Hydrolized silk penetrates the hair really well due to its low moleculer weight. It repairs, strengthens and coats each hair to give body, improve elasticity and increase manageability. Since starting to use this product daily people have commented on the “twinkly” nature of my beard! It’s not oily or shiny but “twinkly”…I like that and the silk protein is definitely a twinkle contributor.
  1. We’ve used Aloe in this formula. Aloe is an anti-inflammatory, meaning that it helps to keep those face follicles healthy. It promotes hair growth too, so those wanting to grow a nice even beard, or for those who hate their patchy beard, this will be a real help. Another reason for applying this product properly and making sure you get the product absorbed into your skin as well as your facial hair.
  1. Finally, the smell! Softening Beard and Stubble Serum is scented with Oud and Egyptian Mallow which is an opulent and sophisticated blend of oriental notes…and it’s beautiful. Other than the twinkliness, I’ve also received a few compliments on how good my beard smells…to those who get close enough. It’s woody, sweet and complex. It’s not overpowering at all and works really well with any other fragrance I’ve used it with, especially woody or oriental fragrances.


  1. Kahai Nut Oil has been used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for thousands of years as a treatment for burns, skin conditions and irritations.
  1. Kahai Nut Oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the Cacay Tree.
  1. Kahai Nut Oil is known as a dry oil, meaning it absorbs fast and doesn’t leave an oily residue.
  1. Kahai Nut Oil is harvested from Cacay Tree’s that are sustainably and responsibly grown. They are helping to reforest 5000 hectares of rainforest and provide income for indigenous families within conflict zones in Columbia.


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I hope you found this Product Spotlight useful. Please contact us with any questions about this or any other Daimon Barber product at If you currently use any of our products please head over to the review section and submit a review!