Product of the Month: Texture Tonic


Our Texture Tonic is a revolutionary and multi-use product; we classify it as the foundation of any hairstyle. Daimon Barber Texture Tonic can be used as a standalone product or as a pre-styler.

It’s suitable for all hair types & styles and it’s easy to use and apply. We will tell you all about how to use this multi-use product for your individual hair type within this article, but first let’s discuss the benefits.




It adds Volume, Texture and thickness; Providing form, shape and movement to your natural hair.

The tonic is vitamin rich including Kahai Nut Oil. This creates a layer of protection from heat, keeping your hair looking healthy and lustrous when blow drying and styling your hair.

Easy to rinse out - no tacky, sticky or stiff feeling that some styling products can unfortunately provide. Our Texture Tonic provides texture without stiffness.

Great scent - Oudh & Egyptian Mallow leave the hair naturally fresh and scented throughout the day.

Now let’s discuss styling your hair using the Texture Tonic
When used as a standalone product: 
With short/thinner hair it is best to spray 4-5 times on to towel dried hair and then blow-dry through to "activate”. This will enhance the texture, giving the hair more volume, body and a natural hold.  
With longer hair, you’ll find the product activates best on hair that is dried naturally - this can help to control thick and wavy hair, enhancing curls with less frizz.


When used as a pre-styler:

The Tonic has the function of creating the fundamental base for the perfect look. It is best used on towel dried hair, prior to any other products. Spray 2-4 times, and then activate the product using a hairdryer, directing the hair into the desired look.

Once dried, It’s time to finally finish with a suitable product, choose one of our styling products, which we’ll talk about in next articles!