Inside the London Bloomberg Building - Winner of the 2018 RIBA Awards

Congratulations to the Bloomberg London office for winning this year’s coveted RIBA Stirling Prize. We uncover what it means to be honoured by the RIBA Awards and discover exactly why the Bloomberg building was the one to take the prize.

Bloomberg building in London 

About RIBA Architecture 

RIBA is the Royal British Institute of Architects, built on a likeminded passion for architectural excellence. Formed almost two centuries ago by leading architects, RIBA is now a global frontrunner in awe-inspiring architecture.

What’s more, their mission continues, going beyond just the design of brilliant buildings. At the heart of RIBA is sustainability. They strive to remain both ethically and environmentally aware, working to create stronger communities, greater buildings and an overall better world. In short, RIBA aims for the best standards in sustainable architecture. 

What are the RIBA Awards? 

These prizes are designed to honour those who work just like RIBA: environmentally-conscious architects who are dedicated to achieving an international best. From budding students beginning their career to fully-fledged architect companies, the RIBA Awards has been rewarding the unsurpassed and unparalleled for more than fifty years. 

The RIBA Stirling Prize 2018 

One of the prestigious prizes delivered by the RIBA Awards is the RIBA Stirling Prize. The sought-after award is given annually to UK members only, praising those who present the most innovative and unique designs. However, these designs must also inspire and excite its spectators. Plus, the final construction should surpass the client’s expectations and be an outstanding work of architecture. If that wasn’t enough, the RIBA Stirling Prize winner must additionally complement RIBA’s attitude to sustainability.

And while crafting a truly exceptional, environmentally-aware building seems like enough of a challenge, the RIBA Stirling Prize 2018 was evaluated by highly-qualified, veteran judges – including the RIBA Present himself.

But the one place which was victorious and came out as 2018’s best was none other than London’s own Bloomberg building. 

Who is Bloomberg? 

Bloomberg is an international data and technology company dedicated to delivering modern products and solutions. Their goal is to connect people with an ever-growing hub of information, offering financial, business and global news.

After the brand started out in 1981, Bloomberg amassed 19,000 employees in over 170 locations worldwide – an impressive feat. But with so many operations running, Bloomberg’s environmental footprint could be one to watch.

Though, the world needn’t worry about that. Bloomberg believes, now more than ever, that companies in the private sector need to take action to shape a sustainable world. What’s more, Bloomberg wants to be at the forefront of it all.

Bloomberg has a winning attitude we should all take note of: ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’ With every one of their designs, the brand is questioning its environmental and societal impact. Their work is relentless, but it’s a success too: Bloomberg says the company has helped to avoid more than 80 million pounds in costs due to their eco-friendly methods.

Plus, with even more ethical achievements under their belt, including over 145,000 hours of volunteering, it’s no surprise Bloomberg is considered as one of the most sustainable offices across the globe.

Bloomberg Arcade in London 

Exploring the Bloomberg Building 

So, now we know about Bloomberg internationally, but what about their work in our capital city? As the Bloomberg London office is the official RIBA Stirling Prize 2018 winner, we know they must be doing something right.

Construction started back in 2010 as a collaboration with Foster + Partners, when Bloomberg wanted to create a building which reflected their ethos and determination, while giving the increasing London population a new place to work and enjoy. Its location would be right in the heart of the capital, found between St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England, just a few minutes away from the Mansion House tube station.

While the Bloomberg building boasts more than one million square feet of sustainable space, it’s not just for the company’s employees. The Bloomberg London office also features three brand-new public areas, some with their own custom artwork. Plus, you can participate in a little retail therapy, drink good coffee (or wine) and taste the delicious delicacies offered by the Bloomberg Arcade.

Outside the Bloomberg London office, it’s difficult not to stop and stare at the contemporary stone structure: two environmentally-friendly building intersected by bronze ‘fins’ and airy windows. A trip to the stunning glass roof also reminds us of what we really love about the Bloomberg building – the office uses leftover rainwater from the roof to operate their vacuum-flush toilets.

Stepping inside the Bloomberg London office reveals more open space, refreshed by the natural light from the atrium above. The curving walkways really are something else, each one leading to its own unique workspace. And if you have the chance to check out the view, make sure to take in St Paul’s Cathedral or the London city skyline. 

Why the Bloomberg London Office is a Winner 

After reaching a unanimous decision, the RIBA judges awarded the Bloomberg building as this year’s RIBA Stirling Prize winner. The judges went on to say Bloomberg has ‘not just raised the bar for office design and city planning, but smashed the ceiling,’ calling it a ‘once-in-a-generation project.’

Plus, the London building scored a tremendous 98.5% on the BREAAM sustainability assessment method. Their environmental policies saved a huge amount in both energy and water consumption, when liked to the average office space.

It’s clear to see why the Bloomberg London office is the deserving victor of the RIBA awards. It’s more than just an office. The Bloomberg building is a ground-breaking, innovative development that offers an eco-friendly, cultural experience for both commuters, visitors and companions of the capital.


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