Essential Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

Men’s grooming. Once upon a time, any man spending hours on his appearance in the bathroom was met with a level of distain and suspicion, mainly because it simply wasn’t the norm – a quick shave in front of the mirror was the standard requirement to meet the expectations of daily life.

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But times are changing. Gone are the days of a simple pat of the aftershave after your daily morning routine. We are now met with a plethora of products, gels, scrubs and moisturisers, all designed with the modern man in mind. Whilst the market can be an overwhelming prospect, especially for those who are new to the amount of products on offer, the key aspect to remember is routine. Develop a routine that is quick, simple and tends to those maintenance needs in an effective manner and you’re on to a winner.

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All that being said, time to delve into the world of modern male maintenance with our top grooming tips that will make all the difference. Let’s get started!


Nail your routine

They say happiness lies in your own hands, so we thought that would be the perfect place to start. Trimming your nails (and toenails) on a weekly basis after a shower or bath to make them easy to cut is any essential for any guy. A basic that is not to be overlooked, hands are one of the first places to show signs of ageing, so give them some TLC!


Conquer Dark Circles

Whilst the idea of mastering an extensive moisturising routine every night might not be an appealing option to you, tackling those dark circles takes seconds and will leave you looking and feeling younger… despite those wild weekends. Investing in an under eye gel or cream is ideal for reducing puffiness and dark circles in a way that regular moisturiser just won’t achieve. Technique is important when applying eye cream. The skin around the eye is thin and sensitive. Watch our direction video here to learn the best way to apply.


Book in with your Barber

With a barber visit recommended every four weeks, take the plunge and book your appointment. Taking a proactive approach to hair care is a must – if you’re feeling like you’re due a trim, then you probably are! The more proactive, the better gents. If you’re feeling cheeky (and hairy) request a bit of an eyebrow tidy… no one likes unruly hairs! A good barber will always recommend a beard, moustache, ear and even nose hair tidy if you look like you need it! Don’t get offended, they’re just doing their job!

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Get Scrubbing

Scrub-a-dub-dub… the perfect antidote to the build-up of dead skin cells, a weekly facial scrub or a milder daily facial wash is key for keeping skin healthy and clear. Focus on the nose, chin and forehead for a super clean feel. Exfoliating is an essential part of the shaving process too. It helps lift the hair away from the skin and clears dead skins away from the hair, meaning ingrown hairs and other skin problems are less likely. Check out our direction video here for the best way to exfoliate.


Style that mane

Depending on your hairstyle, styling products can take your appearance to the next level. We’d recommend cluing up on how each hair product works… as a general rule, thicker manes and messier styles are born for pomades and waxes, whilst if your hair is thinner, lighter sprays and products can work to your advantage.


Shave like a pro

Learning the basics of a great shave is especially important – not only will your face feel smoother, you’ll feel more confident overall. Our top tips? Prep skin with a facial oil before using your shave cream for a sleeker finish. Use a hot towel on your face and soak razor blades in hot water to expand facial pores and allow for a less irritable finish to skin. Finish up with a post shave balm to leave skin feeling fresh. Check out our direction video here on how best to apply a post shave balm.

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