Daimon Barber's Ultimate Shave Routine
with Master Barber Samuele Frank Jr Bartolotti


Known for effortless grooming routines DAIMON BARBER, the complete British grooming routine for Men, combines the power of science + nature with innovative, bespoke formulations.

This month, Daimon Barber's Master Barber Samuele Frank Jr Bartolotti is sharing his 4 Step Ultimate Shave routine.

Rated as one of GQ’s Top Barbers, Sam has hairdressing in his blood. His grandfather was known as the Maestro Barber of his hometown in Italy, and he taught Sam the essence of cutting, shaving, and the art of barbering.

Step one: The pre cleanse


Prepping skin for the shave is essential as it will remove excess oil, dead skin cells and open up the pores leading to a clean, comfortable shave. For this Step Sam’s advice is to use the DAIMON BARBER Face Wash - which effectively cleanses the skin without stripping or drying followed by the DAIMON BARBER Exfoliating Cleanser - which features small pumice particles to help rapidly resurface, polish and brighten the skin, open the pores and prevent ingrown hairs and blemishes.


 “What makes the products special and unique, is how easy they are to use. As all you need to do is apply the products, one at a time in order, to a damp face, using your fingertips in a circular motion to really blend the cleanser into the entire face and neck then rinse thoroughly with warm water, before following the same procedure with the exfoliator.” says Sam



Step Two: The Shave Prep


“At this point you will have a clean skin layer, and open pores ready to proceed with the lather. I use the DAIMON BARBER Shave Cream which is rich in proteins and ingredients that naturally soften the hair and help skin retain moisture during and post the shave. Again, I love the ease of use of the Daimon Barber products, also the flexibility, as this product works wonders if you are a traditional old school shaver and use the bowl and brush, but also if you are always on the run and prefer just creating that lather quickly with your hand.

The trick is in mixing up the cream with warm water and applying it in a circular motion to the shaving area to really lift the hairs up and away from the face. You are now ready to have a smoother, more comfortable and precise shave.” continues Sam

Step Three: Shave Technique


“When shaving, it is very important to consider and follow the direction of your hair growth, working in short strokes and not tugging or pulling the hair. It’s also fundamentally important to apply gentle pressure and use a good quality razor”, says Sam.


He recommends the DAIMON BARBER Precision Shaving System which is ergonomically weighted, with a grooved easy-to-grip handle and seriously efficient 6 blade cartridges that easily cut through even the coarsest of facial hair. You are even covered for those annoying and hard-to-reach areas around the sideburns and under the nose area as an additional precision trimmer blade is included making this razor a complete tool. Taking your time over your shave is essential if you work with the grain of the hair to ensure a smooth shave. Working against the grain is quicker but it’s more traumatic for the skin so definitely best avoided for sensitive skin types.


Step Four: Post-shave


Last but not least is the Post Shave, which also plays an important role in the perfect shaving routine, as it closes the pores while healing from any skin rush or irritation and preventing any razor bumps.

For this Sam recommends the DAIMON BARBER Post Shave Balm, which he describes as a lightweight moisturising lotion that helps rejuvenate, regenerates and strengthens skin that can become stressed or depleted following shaving.





- Master Barber Samuele Frank Jr Bartolotti -