Why Every Man Should Use Serum

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Whether you’re brand new to the skincare game or have a selection of essential products you swear by, you may or may not know too much about serum. In this post, we delve deeper into the liquid-gold that is face serum, discussing what serum does, and how it can play a huge part in anyone’s skincare routine. 

What is a Serum?

Serum is a liquid concentrate skincare, an easily absorbed face oil designed to provide skin with a variety of vitamins and goodness in one hydrating application.  

Commonly confused for moisturisers, serums are very different in that they are concentrated formulas made up of smaller molecules that penetrate the deeper levels of the skin. Serums help boost your overall skin’s healthwhich can enhance the effectiveness of the rest of your skincare routine.  

What Does Serum Do?

Depending on the ingredients, face serums can target a whole host of skincare concerns and can offer a variety of benefits when included in your routine: 

  • Protects skin’s barrier complex from UV and environmental aggressors 
  • Boosts skin’s hydration and ability to retain moisture from other skincare products 
  • Enhances natural skin repair when applied at night
  • Men’s face serum can also soothe skin before and after shaving 

Looking for the best face serum for men that ticks all these boxes? Our no-nonsense Day & Night Face Serum is the full package, formulated with an abundance of natural ingredients to give your everyday skincare routine that fuss-free enhancement.  

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How to Use Serum

At Daimon Barber, we are all about simple, convenient skincare. That’s why the Day & Night Serum can be easily incorporated into your current morning and evening routine.  

Step 1 – Wash Your Face

You wouldn’t polish your car before washing it first, right? 

Start by removing dirt and excess oils from the skin, providing your face serum with a blank canvas to work its magic. 

Try our rich and cleansing Face Wash – its gentle foaming action will ensure that skin is thoroughly clean whilst working to restore its lipid barrier for added protection during the day and restoration at night.  

It contains our unique Honeybee Moisture Complex. Naturally derived from lots of sugars, not only does it energise skin, but it also helps to boost skin’s moisturisation and retention of this moisture. 

Step 2 – Apply Serum

Take a few drops of Day & Night Face Serum and apply to face skin. The Day & Night face serum will absorb quickly into the skin, providing it with Symrepair to protect the skin’s natural barrier from the harmful effects of UV and environmental aggressors. 

When applying at night, the moisture-rich Ceramide complex works to repair skin, leaving it feeling bright and energised by morning. Hydration levels are kept to their optimal thanks to natural ingredient Filagrinol which works to improve skin’s overall moisture. 

The nourishing formulation of Apple Seed Oil, Lime Seed Oil and Black Seed Oil makes our face serum for men the perfect addition to your shaving routine. Use before as the perfect pre-shave face oil.  

Top Tip: Want to give your beard some added TLC? Why not try our nutrient-rich Softening Beard & Stubble Serum for soft, silky facial hair.  

Step 3 – Moisturise

Including serum in your routine gives skin the best possible chance to repair itself, providing a natural-looking radiance. Applying moisturiser after serum will lock in all the work your serum has done and enhance the levels of hydration you usually receive from using moisturiser alone. 

The Daimon Barber Revitalising Moisturiser is designed to provide that deep moisturisation without the unwanted oily residue to give a really healthy glow. 

Post-face serum, the natural ingredients, including Propolis extract, Coconut Oils and Murumuru Butter work even harder to ensure skin is left feeling hydrated and re-energised thanks to the invigorating Myramaze. 

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Want to learn more about the fuss-free skincare collection from Daimon Barber? Shop all men’s skincare online today, or head to our Journal to read more tips, tricks and how-tos.  

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